Native Plants vs. Improved Pastures

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Jun 11, 2011   01:27 PM
by Administrator

Native plants are necessary to insure good wildlife habitat.  Wildlife are Dependant upon natural habitat for existence.  Everything else falls behind it in importance.  Exotic grasses have become popular in the last few decades for several reasons; erosion control, livestock forage, as well as the mis-perception of promotion of wildlife. 

Over the past 10 years almost 5 million acres of native rangeland has been lost to development in the state of Texas.  On exotic grass land even good wildlife woody plants get pushed out over time.  The grass eliminates native weeds and seed bearing plants that our wildlife depends upon.

A ranch with good wildlife practices has ample supplies of the basics, food, water, cover and space.  Variety and diversity of these basic needs are imperative.  For instance, food comes in the basic forms of plants and insects.  Structure diversity of cover simply means that the native grasses and bushes is in different shapes, sizes, and density. 

Our hunting ranches have little, if any, improved pastureland maximizing the potential for optimal wildlife habitat.  Thus, our hunters have consistently over the years seen many healthy whitetail deer, exotics, and turkey.

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