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Jun 04, 2011   09:10 AM
by Administrator

Texas whitetail deer hunting has absolutely exploded in the last ten years.  We began outfitting as a full time business in 1994 and there were few outfitters in this area of southwest Texas.  Since that time the number of outfitters has increased by the dozens.  Whitetail deer herds have also multiplied offering hunters opportunity to see large numbers of bucks and harvest low-fenced deer scoring 120-150 and even 170. 

Whitetail deer hunting has been affected by the low of economics just as other avenue of business.  As a result of the popularity and the search for big bucks, deer breeding is very popular in Texas.  A couple of years ago there was an estimated 6000 deer breeding farms in this State, and that number continues to grow. 

We get some mixed attitudes about bred deer.  We do have access to a really nice deer breeding ranch and their deer score over 240 b.c.  Most of our hunters prefer a low-fenced, fair-chase hunt and while they'd like to see these deer, they don't express much interest. I think that stems from a misconception that hunting high-fence is pretty much like hunting a feed lot.  While that is probably true of some operations, it is certainly not true of this ranch.  High-fence is used primarily to keep inferior deer out, not really to keep deer in.  The high-fence ranches we hunt offer hunting, not killing.  The terrain has been left natural with lots of cover and wildlife habitat.

This ranch also offers extremely nice exotic animals ranging from Texas exotics to African super exotics.  We have a list of animals on our exotics page - they are simply beautiful! 

Summer is a great time to book a hunt for exotics, take advantage of the sunny weather, and enjoy staying at a 5 star facility.  A great getaway for the family or a group of friends!

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